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Accademics Curriculum

The school exclusively follows CBSE syllabus along with the prescribed ACCADEMIC CURRICULAM suggested by the Bharatheeya vidya Nikthan the PANCHA MUKHI SIKSHANA PADHATHI The Saraswathy Vidyani education prospect is multidisciplinary, which brings various branches of learning together. The entire system has been developed on the Vedic principle of education – " the devine light that would liberate the child from all bondages and lead to identify her/his real self ". The unique multidisciplinary pancha mukhi padhathi attempts to unfold child's inner perfection. The following five aspects are incorporated in this module.

1)Sareerik Sikshan (Physical education)

Physical fitness is the basic pre-requisite of all human accomplishments Every day, along with prarthana sabha, we practice a ten minute warming up programme, which will help the children to enhance their physical energy level. Besides, Saraswathy Vidyanikethan has configured physical training activities for our children with different age group. The basic objective of all our physical training programmes is to bring up our children with physically active, vigorous and capable of withstanding every physical Endeavour


Yoga is one of the greatest gifts that our ancestors have awarded to human race. Asanas and Pranayamas are very powerful tools that unearth hidden potential and boost positive energies by removing tension and enhancing strength and balance. The practice is like a soothing balm for the body that permeates deep into physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the body. There is a perfect integration, perfect healing and perfect balance. The mind then becomes calm and alert, the brain is refreshed, the body is light and there is high level of energy to face the challenge of life. Various methods in Yoga control the ego so that the internal energies could be utilised constructively for personal growth and selfless service. Realising its immense virtue and capability in designing and regulating our young pupils life, Saraswathy Vidyanikethan has made yoga one of the most important components of Panchamughi Padhathi. Our yoga department headed by distinguished yogacharyas guides and supervises all aspects under this discipline. A separate yoga syllabus has been prepared and put into practice in our vidyalayas Short term and long term yoga training programmes for teachers are being convened at regular intervals

3)Music (Sangeeth)

Our children should understand the music in them and should communicate with the music of universe. This will help them reach at the rhythm of life and tire beauty of unity.


Sanskrit is the classical language considered as the mother of all human languages. The world's most ancient human ideologies are narrated in this sacred language. Scholars around the world confirm that they find something in Sanskrit literature that they will not find anywhere else. Many world universities have declared Sanskrit as compulsory academic language. As the boundless philosophical treats and values embedded in this holy language will enlighten the children with the life touch of our national heritage, Saraswathy Vidyanikethan has put Sanskrit one of the panchamukhi components. We teach Sanskrit in all of our schools. Eminent Sanskrit scholars give guidance. Our teachings include learning of Bhagavat geetha, vedic and Upanishad hymns and many other motivational verses.

5)Naithik Evam Adhyatmik Sikshan (Moral and spiritual education)

The basic objective of education is to mould the child into a true citizen, imbibing ethical and spiritual values of our heritage. Here education works as a purifying factor. There is a perfect co-relation between ethics and education. Quality of social life cannot merely be measured by its economic prosperity. Civilized societies maintain certain soft potential values as signs of its qualitative entity. Actual strength of a society sustains on the ethical and moral values the people observe, rather than their financial empowerment. The roots of these values are in the traditional costumes and observances of the society. A family system society based on "purushartha Dharma" is the unique trait of Hindu social life. But the foundations of such invaluable social structure are being shattered under the sorrowful influence of a commercialized academic curriculum. A holistic curriculum cannot abandon this pivotal aspect. The inner strength of the node is to be upheld. Hence we include naithik and adhyatmic sikshan in pancha mukhi padhathi. "Mathru Devo Bhava, pithru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava, Athidhi Devo Bhava. Rashtra Devo Bhava"-- this is the basic principle upon which our ethical lessons are built up.

6)Ghosh (Band Troupe)

Vibration is a key element in the balance of life. In order to explore the musico rhythmic talents of the learners, Saraswathy Vidyanikethan has been giving ample importance in training vadyamelarn.